Our mission.

Our mission is to ensure the healthy transition of young people exiting or emancipated from the foster care system into society. We ensure that they are equipped to lead a productive and secure life in adulthood. Our team works to achieve this goal by creating greater awareness of the challenges experienced by this population.


38% of America's foster children live in LA.

38% of the children in America's Foster Care System reside in Los Angeles County.


1 out of 2 end up in jail or homeless.

Half of the youth who are aged-out, or emancipated from the foster care system end up incarcerated or homeless.


Less than 3% go to college.

Less than 3% will enroll and complete a college degree.


This can change with love.

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We raise awareness.

The Nehemiah Project LA works to shine a spotlight on the plight of transitioning foster youth, and the challenges they face in obtaining a stable and productive future.

This is accomplished through events, public awareness campaigns, our documentary titled "Nehemiah" that examines the foster care system in America, and the Nehemiah Project Affiliates Network.


We advocate for more effective solutions.

The members of The Nehemiah Project LA's Affiliate Network are champions of change for transitioning foster youth and young adults.

We work to build relationships with lawmakers, public agencies and other public institutions in order to bring about more effective policies and legislation that support the transition of foster youth into adulthood and self-sufficiency.


We build communities of support.

We believe in the power of community, The Nehemiah Project LA comes alongside local, state and national stakeholders - churches, non-profit organizations, public agencies, academic institutions and community leaders - to build networks of support for America's transition-aged youth foster youth.

Through the TAY Advocacy Council and Affiliates Network, as well as our training courses and curriculum (launching in 2018), we are working to build knowledgeable networks and partnerships at all levels in order to bring positive change and real solutions to young people struggling to successfully transition out of the foster care system.


'Nehemiah', the mini-series.

'Nehemiah' is a mini-series documentary that examines the foster care system in America. It was created to raise the public's awareness of the struggles faced by the thousands of foster care youth, and young adults who transition out of the foster care system every year.

This groundbreaking film chronicles the lives of several young adults struggling to make a successful life for themselves in a manner that shines a spotlight on their challenges, and triumphs, while deeply examining the foster care system in America.

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